• Tailored classes

    We at Accent Softening Ltd are here to help you in your pursuit of achieving clear diction and pronunciation. Whatever your requirements, we will make sure that our classes and courses are tailored to your specific needs.

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  • Elocution classes

    Being eloquent and articulate helps putting ones point across and commanding an audience's attention, to become more persuasive and ultimately improves communication skills.

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    • Being understood
    • Clear diction
    • Confidence
    • Geting your point accross
    • Improved reading and writing skills

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  • Group discounts

    Group discounts are available - colleagues, friends or family can also join at a small additional cost. 

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Welcome to AccentSoftening.com

Accentsoftening.com provides private elocution classes, accent softening classes, presentation and public speaking classes, as well as English literature and English language classes and also provides editing, proofreading and audio transcription services.

  • "I find it difficult to understand others"
  • "I am fed up with people always asking me where I come from and to repeat myself"
  • "I am struggling to find that right job because of my accent"
  • "I find that others are not taking me seriously"
  • "I am so nervous whenever I have to give a presentation"

Confident and assertive speech is crucial in so many situations, for example when trying to impress that special person, when faced with an audience, when pitching a new business plan to a sceptical bank consultant, when being interviewed by your prospective employer, when communicating with your colleagues and clients, etc.

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