"One of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He identified and pinpointed my problems during my first several classes. He then corrected patiently one problem at one time. I now feel more confident in speaking. Some of my friends told me that I speak English just like a native English speaker. I still have a bit of an accent, but my accent has been dramatically reduced."

Simone Arkmed

"Thank you ever so much, my pronunciation has improved a lot. I cannot believe that I have lived in the U.K. for so long and didn't take a course like this until now. I would recommend it any non-native speaker of English who is serious about moving ahead in the business world. These accent softening courses get results."

Shoji Maruyama

"If I were to recommend a career investment to any foreign speaker, it would be to take an accent softening class through Accent Softening Ltd. Taking the class was a big eye opener in my personal and professional life. I learned to distinguish the difference between the words cat and cut, to listen and correct myself when talking, to polish my accent and flow of conversation through the various techniques; such as linking the words."

Louisa Yonnis

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