How long will it take to get rid of my accent?

In most cases, you will make considerable progress after 10 hours of instruction. The interesting part of the process is that once the brain recognizes the differences between your pronunciation and the correct pronunciation, it will automatically make adjustments to enable you to speak correctly. The awareness is a large part of the process. In addition, your motivation, drive, and commitment will determine your success. The self-correction phase typically takes 3-6 months and is largely determined by how regularly you use the techniques you learn in conversation with native speakers of British English. In order to make significant changes you must practice consistently after each session.

How often do I need to practice?

You must practice five times a week. This will help your mouth and tongue develop the new 'muscle memory' that they need for you to articulate English sounds correctly. This will be uncomfortable for you at first.

The more you practice using the exercises you receive each week (with the correct feedback), the more you'll improve. You simply must practice a sound or pattern over and over for it to become a habit.

How effective is the Live Online classes?

Provided that you have the right computer setup and high speed internet access, live coaching via webcam (video conferencing) is very effective. We have you complete a "tech check" first to insure your equipment is working properly, and we have you take a diagnostic so your coach knows which areas you need to focus on. You can see, hear, and communicate with your coach using Skype. Your coach will also write phonetically to you on the screen using our own font we'll have you install. We'll send you materials to use in the sessions. We currently have clients throughout the UK as well as in Germany and India who are finding they can achieve their speech goals without having to attend sessions outside their work or homes. Contact us for more details.

Since I’m not a teenager anymore, isn’t it too late for this to work?

This is a common misconception. While it is true that research shows younger people have a facility to learn languages more quickly and easily than adults, there is no evidence that it is impossible to do or that there is a cut-off age. What is far more important is your motivation, drive, and consistency. If you attend sessions weekly for at least one hour, focus on the material, and conscientiously put forth effort on a regular basis, you will see results.

What is included as part of the courses you offer?

As part of our lessons, you will receive handouts, as well as personalised voice recordings, so that you can listen back to important vowel and consonant sounds.

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"One of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He identified and pinpointed my problems during my first several classes. He then corrected patiently one problem at one time. I now feel more confident in speaking. Some of my friends told me that I speak English just like a native English speaker. I still have a bit of an accent, but my accent has been dramatically reduced."

Simone Arkmed

"Thank you ever so much, my pronunciation has improved a lot. I cannot believe that I have lived in the U.K. for so long and didn't take a course like this until now. I would recommend it any non-native speaker of English who is serious about moving ahead in the business world. These accent softening courses get results."

Shoji Maruyama

"If I were to recommend a career investment to any foreign speaker, it would be to take an accent softening class through Accent Softening Ltd. Taking the class was a big eye opener in my personal and professional life. I learned to distinguish the difference between the words cat and cut, to listen and correct myself when talking, to polish my accent and flow of conversation through the various techniques; such as linking the words."

Louisa Yonnis

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