Proofreading and editing services

An expert proofreader and editor will analyse your work in detail, be it an academic essay, dissertation, project or professional document. The editor will correct grammatical errors and improve syntax, vocabulary, tone, style and structure, for a lucid and fluid piece of work.

Proofreading provides much more than the basic grammar and spelling check that Microsoft Word offers and which often makes mistakes and does not help with expression and structure.

Content and style go hand-in-hand. If your expression is unclear, then your arguments are wasted on the reader. Our editing services will assist you with clear and compelling expression.

Your editor will make changes where necessary but always use "track changes" to enable you to see clearly the words and sentences that have been edited. You can then decide to accept or reject an edit in Microsoft Word or a similar word processing software. This will also help you to learn from common mistakes.

When you order essay critiquing, your editor will review your essay in depth for accuracy, quality, sophistication of argument, appropriate use of materials, expression and tone. She or he will assess how well you have tackled the question and give you sufficient information to develop your essay further, but will not make the changes for you. The service is designed to complement your academic studies, rather than replace them.

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