Accent softening classes

Learn to speak with a British accent

Accent Softening is also referred to as accent reduction, accent modification or RP. The goal is to speak with a more neutral accent, also known as Queen’s English or Oxford English. This ensures that one is not immediately identified with the geographical origin where one has been raised and brought up. Hence, the goal of accent softening is to reduce or free oneself from either a regional or foreign accent.

Being in absolute command of the English language, speaking RP and knowing the often unknown rules of intonation also enables a more polite and courteous communication. This is conducive for one’s professional career development, particularly all those who are in positions, which require frequent communication with others, such as actors, TV or radio presenters, barristers, lecturers, politicians, business-men, doctors, etc.

Ultimately, having clear diction can be an important attribute in today’s competitive corporate environment where etiquette and formal rules often also extend to how one speaks.

Our lessons and courses help both non-native and native English speakers lose their accents quicker and to become more fluent, confident and effective in their daily communication.

We work on the following:-

  • vowel and consonant pronunciation
  • intonation and rhythm
  • syllable stress
  • pitch
  • skipping consonants
  • linking of words
  • stressing the right words
  • sentence construction and word order
  • voice clarity
  • .......and diction

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